Are The Signs Pointing To The End

In this series, Pastor Darrell Huffman shares these spiritual truths with us! "Are The Signs Pointing To The End?" will stir and excite you with the Truth about what is ahead.

It's hard for many to grasp the fact that we are actually in the new millennium....The 21st Century.

With the speculations and foretelling's that have been shared, even more so the last few years of the 20th century, what can we really expect? Many, even now, ask the question, "Will the rapture take place soon?....Is this the end of time as we know it?"

The truth is, God's Word tells us exactly what to expect! He has shown us what the future holds ever since the beginning of time.

PART 1 | Discerning The Signs Of The Times

PART 2 | He Is Coming Again

PART 3 | The Good Samaritan