In this 4 part teaching series, Pastor Darrell will help you understand how to become a disciple, how to recognize the signs of a disciple and then how to be empowered to make disciples.

When Jesus says “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me”, what he means is come be my disciple, one who follows the teachings of the teacher and who imitates the teacher.

You see to be yoked means to be connected to or to be bound together. With this statement, Jesus is calling on us to bring all our cares, worries and concerns to him. Then he calls us to come to him and “learn from Me”, which can be translated as Be My Disciple.

PART 1 | Be My Disciple

PART 2 | How To Become A Disciple

PART 3 | Signs Of A Disciple

PART 4 | Empowered To Make Disciples