Perhaps you have heard it said that "You cannot lead where you won't go...You cannot teach what you do not know!"

This is so true! One of our biggest problems that Christians have is in understanding where they stand.

In "Exercising Our Godly Authority", Pastor Darrell Huffman teaches us, from God's Word, how we can overcome the devil each and every time he attacks! In this 3-CD series you will learn the importance of saying what you believe...and believing what you say (when your words match God's Word). So, get warmed up and ready to move...its time to stretch those Spiritual muscles and begin "Exercising Our Godly Authority!" 

Titles in this series include:

  • Exercising Our Godly Authority Part 1
  • Exercising Our Godly Authority Part 2
  • Exercising Our Godly Authority Part 3

Exercising Our Godly Authority

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