Preaching Outlines Vol.1

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 Included on this CD are 26 complete preaching outlines that were written & taught by Pastor Darrell Huffman at various churches and services. Each outline includes scripture references, translations, definitions and descriptions.

Use this as a powerful preaching resource in your church!

Disk Includes:

His Witnesses
1. Advancing the Kingdom
2. Doing His Works

Living in the Blessing
1. The Blessing
2. I Change Not
3. Releasing the Blessing
4. The Blessing of the Upright
5. The Tree of Blessing

Miracle of the Seed
1. The Miracle of the Seed
2. Don’t Dig Up Your Seed
3. The Seed and the Soil

Opposing Kingdoms
1. The Triumphant Church
2. The Double Kingdom
3. The Unending Death

The Law of the Kingdom
1. The Law of Love
2. Love Rules

Things You Need to Know About Healing
1. Accepting God as Our Healer
2. It is God’s Will to Heal You
3. Healing Faith
4. Revelation of How Healing Works
5. Methods of Receiving Healing

Triumphant Faith
1. Faith
2. Faith Believes
3. Faith Works
4. Faith Fights
5. Faith Receives

Breaking the Poverty Spirit
(single message)

[All messages are available in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and Text format]

This resource is also available as a Digital Download